By:Sean Rhoades:

Great product! exactly what they advertised! i cant express how happy i am with this suit, especially since im in a dispute with another company that sent me something that is not at all what i ordered. Thank you so much, i just recieved, and i must say you did a wonderful job on the suit!! the quality of the suit is great, i cant tell you how much i appreciate this, i am in a dispute with another company who made me the worst, peice of crap spiderman suit iv ever seen, it looks like a blind child threw it together. You will be recieving more of my business in the future!


 I LOVE my suit!! Thanks guys! I know I emailed a 100 times, but you answered all my questions and made this PERFECT!! It seriously fits like a glove. I love the material...very breathable and stretchy. Thanks again Doitstyle. :D


Hi Rain!!!!

The wig arrived yesterday and i am totally happy! The product looks exactly like the one the picture is showing and it feels good and looks good!

You see I am really confident about it :) To be frank I dont care anymore about potential custom costs...I am just happy it arrived in time.

Thank you very much for the great follow up and the kind service.

I´ll definately write a positive critique of your website in some blogs and recommend you to my friends.

Best regards, Michelle



Hi Rain!!!!


Thank YOU for all you have done!  You have been an angel - and so so so patient with me!  I am sure I will be happy with the dress - I can't wait to see it!!!  It is for my son's fiance - the wedding is in September.  She is not pregnant -  we just loved the dress so much we wanted it even though it was under the "Maternity" dresses!  I will email you a picture of her with it on when it arrives - would you like that?  With our transaction being complete and the dress shipped, I feel like I am losing a friend!!!   It has fascinated me doing business with someone in China - and hometown of the world's Pandas!!!! 

I will let you know when it arrives and then email a picture of Jill in her special dress when she tries it on!


Thank you, Friend Rain!



By:Francois Belanger:

Sorry for the delay in my response, I've been away on vacation and only came back yesterday. I have received the suit today and it both looks great and fits perfectly! Thank you for all the hard work you did to produce the design I wanted! It's been a true pleasure doing business with you and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know if they ever need services you can provide!
Thank you again and have a very nice day!


Thank you very much for your prompt handling of the issue. This email confirms that I\'ve received the refund.
I must say, I am extremely pleased with your customer support. It exceeded all our expectations.

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